Sinew Nutrition Raw Whey Protein Isolate Pro 90%, 1Kg (Unflavoured)

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Sinew Nutrition Raw Whey Protein Isolate Pro 90%, 1Kg (Unflavoured)

  • One ingredient only: made from american whey protein, 100 percent whey, gluten-free, non-gmo, cold-processed, it is the purest form of protein, hence contains no artificial sweetners or flavors
  • 30 g undenatured whey protein minimally processed to preserve the delicate nutrients found in natural whey protein powder
  • Helps to build lean muscle, enhances recovery and reduces muscle loss
  • 27 Protein, 4.9gm Glutamine, 6.6gm BCAA, 100mg Digestive Enzyme per serve
  • Readily dissolves in water or milk, No lumping or residue
  • Unflavoured

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Sinew Nutrition Raw Whey Protein Isolate Pro 90 percent “ Instantised, Unflavoured is produced in United States via proprietary filtration process that concentrates native whey proteins in a highly purified form. Sinew’s goal is to ensure that our whey products work well in as many specific applications as possible. To accomplish this, we utilize an advanced filtration system that processes the incoming whey in a gentle fashion to prevent the protein structure from becoming denatured.

Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate Pro 90% (Instantised)
* Flavour: Unflavoured. * Best Use: Consume 27g of protein / kg of body weight / day. Mix 1 serving, 30 gm to 250ml-300ml of skimmed milk or water. Stir/Shake for a while until the powder is completely dissolved.


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