Sinew Nutrition Steel Cut Oats, 800 g

Sinew Nutrition Steel Cut Oats, 800 g

  • It is high in fibre and makes a best meal for breakfast that keeps one full for a longer time
  • They have a lower glycemic index than rolled and quick cooking oats, an is hence absorbed slowly into the body and the blood glucose levels rise at a slower level
  • Rich in heart friendly elements that reduce the cholesterol and improves blood pressure
  • Since they are directly cut from oats groats they have a higher cooking time [approx.15-20 mins.] but give a coarse and nuttier flavour
  • Regular consumption improves the digestion, is good for weight management and diabetics and overall well being of an individual
  • Since it is gluten free, it can be easily consumed by people having celiac disease
  • It can be used to make cookies, puddings and breads too


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Sinew’s steel cut oats are made from 100 percent wholegrain oats and have a higher fiber content. It is heart friendly, and that helps in reducing bad cholesterol and blood pressure of the body. This nutty wholegrain is easy to make and works as best breakfast option improving energy levels and keeping one full for a longer duration. Add chopped fruits and nuts to get the best and healthiest porridge, and use in bakery items to replace refined items like maida.


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